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and dangerous conditions. Police claim the same price for this crime. When we speak of the crime of theft we speak of the taking of a property or something that belongs to somebody. But this is not the case of theft of wages of a worker. The workers are hired by the owner of the company and paid by the hour. Since there is no employer-employee relationship the crime of theft is not applicable here. The so-called employers' liability act is nothing but an infringement on the liberty of the individual. The meaning of the word "liability" is "dependence" or "responsibility". It means that each individual has a certain degree of responsibility to do certain acts and the state, under the guise of protecting citizens, by giving the duty of enforcing laws to police, has no duty to protect the citizen. Therefore, the idea of employers' liability should be thoroughly eliminated in the interests of the individual. In some states, "occupational diseases" is an additional charge on the employer. They use this law to make the workers' compensation expense of the employers exceed the minimum national standard. In order to carry out their intention, they provide an occupational disease law to protect the rights of the employers, but in fact, they only make the costs of the injured employees exceed the national standard. This is a very cunning and ugly method. With the law of occupational diseases, the new method of "state responsibility and state compensation" was put into practice. According to this law, the responsibility of the state was added to the responsibility of the employer. The worker not only had to pay a charge for the occupational disease, but also had to pay a charge for his compensation, and in addition had to pay the charge for occupational diseases. According to the law of occupational diseases, the government pays some amount of money to the worker, and makes a money collection through the insurance fund and pays compensation for the illness and injury of the worker. As a result, the employer is almost obliged to pay the entire amount of the compensation charge of the worker. The employer-employee relationship in the foreign countries such as Germany, England, Sweden, etc. is completely different from that in the Japanese legal system. They have the legal right to terminate the employment contract if the worker commits a crime. They also have the legal right to terminate the employment contract if the worker is not able to carry out his work well. They are not obliged to pay the wages if the worker is absent for a long




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The Marine 2 720p Dual Audio alaels

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